Exercise Goal Setting

2020 Master the art of Goal making

Master the mini-habit

Goal of mini-habits is to boost your motivation, self-efficacy and better habit forming skills.

Think of 1-2 mini goals. These need to be something you want to do not should do.
Keep your requirements simple and small. This is not about push-ups. This is about establishing a goal of some type.

For instance – Goal – upper body strength – identify – pushups – mini habit – do every day but only 1-2 pushups – be specific. If you do more, you are into bonus rounds. Bonus does not mean you don’t do it tomorrow, it just means you did it and you exceeded! Pat yourself on the back, mark your calendar with a brightly colored large X and feel good about it. Keep this in an area that you can see daily. The visual of having all the large X’s will be encouraging.

Do these mini-habits for a month. You will be amazed at how easy your goal is achieved.
This task set-up needs to be super easy and you need to recognize this as super easy but it must be done daily. Your brain will see all of this as wins! This process will boost your positivity and in turn making you believe you can do it, because you did it! This may lead to more mini-habits, helping you achieve more goals and establishing a great level of habit forming skills.

Exercise was adapted from Stephen Guise’s book, “Mini Habits”.