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Lucky me.  I found Cindy through her website. What an incredible difference she has made in my life.  Not only do I enjoy her wonderful warmth and encouragement, my body has totally changed.  I now have muscles I never knew I had before and I have so much more strength and energy.  And I’ve lost inches, both top and bottom.  Because she comes to your home, there are no more excuses about not wanting to go out or being too tired to go to the gym.  Cindy is there and you work out. I heartily recommend Cindy to anyone who wants a knowledgeable supportive trainer.

I can highly recommend Cindy Mackenzie as personal trainer. Personally, I find her perfect for me! Found it hard to believe someone so wonderful would come to my home and tailor my needs to an excellent program. She knows exactly what to avoid and what would be beneficial for my now 74 year old body. I wanted to work on core strength, balance and stretching. We are doing this and slowly working up in the weights and reps. We look forward to her visits, my two English bulldogs are so excited when she arrives, they adore her. After initial greeting they are crated while we proceed. Cindy is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, organized and always on time. If she has a delay or problem, you get a call.

Strength with Cindy Mackenzie Marin County Personal Trainer

I have been working with Cindy Mack for almost 3 months now and I absolutely love it.  She is very knowledgeable and knows just how much to push you to get good results.  I feel so much stronger and balanced and didn’t even know I could improve that much as I am already pretty active.  Cindy always has a preplanned workout to bring me to the next level but is always willing to modify it as needed.  At 60 years old she has me running some intervals during my 2 mile walk uphill in the morning and I can totally feel the improvement as I can run farther and farther each time.  My once tight clothes are now fitting loosely and I have had to tighten my belt 2 more notches. Her kind, gentle manner makes her a pleasure to work with but it doesn’t stop her from challenging you at each session.  Working with her and seeing the results so far after years of not being able to shed the extra inches is incredible.  I am a huge fan of her work!!!

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  “A personal trainer!” He was hesitant but I needed to improve my health. Shopping wasn’t doing that!  He did a bit of research and chose Cindy. As my gift was expiring I was thinking how do I keep this person who has improved my health, my dress size, my stamina, and my strength. I have exercised most of my life. Working with Cindy is continuing my knowledge. She knows so many ways to strengthen one muscle and makes it all interesting and fun.  We meet twice a week and I am more than satisfied. Everything in my closet fits me again! I pulled weeds the other day and I wasn’t sore afterwards. Yeah!  Cindy is an asset to my life, health, longevity!

I first met Cindy at Jazzercise in 2005.  She was the instructor and I was the student.  At the time I exercised regularly, walked at least 3 ½ miles a day and attended Jazzercise classes 3 times a week until 2011 when all my activities stopped due to a family illness.  By 2013, I was 40 pounds overweight, 100% inactive and embarrassed at my condition and at a loss as how to start over – until Cindy reentered my life.  Within 4 months, with Cindy’s know-how and support, I lost 21 pounds and exercise regularly.  I look better and I feel good.  I can’t thank Cindy enough for helping me find my way back to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Senior Fitness Mobile Trainer Cindy Mackenzie Novato, CA

I have had Cindy working with me for over 3 years now. I look forward to every appointment I have. She is very patient with me and constantly encouraging me to continue with my exercises. She is always so positive. I would not give up my time with her for anything! I appreciate the time she shares with me.
Love, Rosalie (98 years young!)

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