Running, jogging waliking with Cindy Mackenzie of Marin Courty Mobile Personal Trainer

Stress Management, Exercise, & Endorphins

“Runners High” … “Endorphin Rush” … “Feeling the Flow”

What is this all about?

There are these wonderful psychological benefits to exercise. Multiples studies have been done on exercise and improved self-esteem with regular exercise. Your body is this wonderful machine that provides! We have these amazing chemicals naturally inside of us called endorphins. The are released when we exercise and they interact with receptors in the brain that actually reduce what you perceive as pain. Endorphins also set off a positive feeling in the body that seems to mimic morphine. This is what provides that feeling of euphoria! We all need this throughout or busy, stress filled days. Regular exercise could be a walk, a bike ride, a workout session. Something that you can do every day and it can be something different every day. No limitations! A break from your workday when you get outside and take a few deep breaths can make a big difference in the rest of your day. Consider all the benefits of regular exercise and taking a little time for you!